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ABS Filament (1kg roll)

ABS Filament (1kg roll)


ABS Filaments are made from a mix of three different chemicals - polybutadiene is mixed with a polymerising mixture of butadiene and styrene to form the finished plastic. This plastic works perfectly in 3D printing as it’s tough and rigid between about -20 to 80 °C but is amorphous at the relatively low temperature of (around) 105°C. Most home-3D printers are designed to work with ABS as their primary input and so it’s an excellent choice for anyone with no specific plastic requirements to make, well, whatever they like. That’s the joy of 3D printing, after all.


ABS, although the plastic most widely used in 3D printing, does have a couple of small issues. The smell when the plastic runs through the printer is what anyone would expect, really - hot plastic. Additionally, many 3D-printer owners find that their products have a lot less warping when they use a heated build platform, as if ABS (or any 3D printing filament) cools too quickly, the plastic does not always form perfectly.


A huge advantage of ABS over PLA is that it’s soluble in acetone - the stuff in nail varnish remover - and so two separately printed pieces can be easily fused together or varnished with just a few drops. Moisture will eventually be harmful to ABS, but it’s resistant in the short term - a lego brick isn’t instantly ruined when it gets wet, after all.


Our colours come in black, red, blue or white, and with a 100% money-back guarantee if the customer is in any way dissatisfied with our product. Please bare in mind that the temperatures mentioned in this description are all roughly correct, but the settings may vary depending on your 3D printer and what color of ABS plastic you’re using.


ABS 3D printing filaments, 3mm, tolerance ±0.1mm.
ABS 3D printing filaments, 1.75mm, tolerance ±0.05mm.


For more information on 3D printing as a subject, please follow this link

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