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PLA Filament (1 kg roll)

PLA Filament (1 kg roll)


PLA stands for polylactic acid - it is not like ABS in that it’s a plastic formed out of just one repeating molecule - lactic acid, the same stuff that causes muscle cramp. Polylactic acid isn’t actually an acid at all, but an ester. The “acid part” of the molecule is removed in the polymerising process.


PLA is an excellent filament for 3D printing because the glass transition temperature - where it becomes amorphous and moldable - is relatively low at 60-65°C. Additionally, because PLA is made out of starch and sugar cane by-products, the smell of hot PLA is pleasantly sweet, unlike hot ABS. Again, because it’s made out of by-products, PLA is one of the cheapest filaments readily available for home 3D printing. Sugar cane and other starch products are, of course, renewable resources, so PLA is a renewable product. It is also biodegradable.


Warping is minimised in PLA, as the glass transition temperature point is small - meaning the plastic will move from an amorphous state to a solid state very quickly and without apparatus like the heated build platform that’s popularly used when printing ABS.


PLA, although an excellent build material, is not as impact-resistant or as rigid as ABS, and so cannot be used for making many industrial products. PLA will also biodegrade in rain, and will melt when put in contact with anything over 65°C.


Almost all printers on the market are configured to run with PLA. Our colors come in white, red, blue or black and with a 100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee. Please note that the different colours of PLA may have slightly different physical properties, and all temperatures are therefore estimations.


PLA 3D printing filaments, 3mm, tolerance ±0.1mm.
PLA 3D printing filaments, 1.75mm, tolerance ±0.05mm.


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